Zack Autry Endorsed by Acclaimed Georgian Master Luthier Randy Wood

Every young professional musician hopes for a moment in their career when a personal feeling of accomplishment from something so unexpected, will seem to justify all of the hard work that is put into the craft day in and day out. That’s how Zack Autry felt when Randy Wood handed him one of his custom crafted mandolins following his show with the Edgar Loudermilk Band, featuring Jeff Autry, on March 19. He was shocked, incredibly happy, proud, and grateful. 

The Music Store, which sells Randy’s own custom-made mandolins, guitars and banjos, also makes repairs and sells used and vintage instruments by other makers. 

What some folks may not understand is that Zack basically grew up in the Randy Wood Guitars & Pickin’ Parlor, side by side with his Dad,  Jeff Autry, featured guitarist in the Edgar Loudermilk Band. 

“I’ve known Randy Wood through my dad, Jeff, since I was probably about 10 years old or so. He and dad are good friends, with dad playing at Randy’s Picking Parlor and events that he’s been involved in for a very long time. I know over the years it has always been a highlight of our family vacations to Savannah to just stop by and talk. I’ve always had a wonderful, insightful experience at Randy’s shop and have usually gotten the opportunity to either hear or play some of the most well-built instruments before we leave. He’s an absolutely fantastic luthier and artist, as his career and the respect of his peers speak for themselves. He is also a very fine human being. There truly is only ONE Randy Wood.”  --Zack Autry

There’s such a great history behind Randy Wood, the man, the luthier shop, the pickin’ parlor, we encourage you to visit the website, take in a show, and stop by the store. Randy says that he tried to be a musician himself early on but there was no money in it, so he tries to help other musicians when he can and wishes he could help more. When asked why he chose Zack Autry to endorse with one of his custom instruments, Wood had this to say: 

“I like Zack and I think of Jeff like a stepson. I think the world of his Dad and his Granddad. Zack has come along real good with his playing and seems like a worthy recipient of a decent mandolin. Hopefully it will help him continue to bloom.” 

You can hear Zack Autry make beautiful music with his brand new Randy Wood model F-5 Mandolin at many upcoming dates with the Edgar Loudermilk Band,across the USA and Canada.