Zack Autry

Zack Autry wears many hats for the Edgar Loudermilk Band.  In addition, to his outstanding mandolin talent, Zack sings harmony and occasionally steps in covering the lead vocal.  Zack has also been instrumental as a co-writer with bandleader Edgar Loudermilk on much of the band’s original material.  Zack Autry comes from a long line of musicians where he grew up singing and playing music in church and at family gatherings.  His first foray with acoustic instruments started with mandolin at age 8 and fiddle around 9-10 years old. Zack is a self-taught musician and singer who was nudged in the right direction by his musical mentors; notably, his father Jeff Autry and grandfather Bobby. Jeff Autry, acclaimed for his stellar flatpicking skills, and grandfather Bobby, a well-known upright bass and guitar player from North Georgia helped lay the foundation for Zack’s musical career. Zack grew up on gospel, bluegrass, and country music, and through his grandfather, a love and appreciation of the hundreds of fiddle tunes written and played around his home.  Zack plays a Randy Wood model F-5 mandolin, presented to him personally by Randy Wood in March, 2016. In addition, Zack also plays Buford Mandolins, as well as an octave mandolin made by KR Strings’ Kilin Reece in Oahu, Hawaii.  Zack is sponsored by both Randy Wood Mandolins and KR Strings.

 Anthony Howell 

IBMA Momentum Instrumentalist of the Year Nominee, Anthony Howell joined the band in the fall of 2022. Anthony, an award-winning banjo player from Mississippi, secured 1st place in the 2023 National Bluegrass Banjo Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival.  The 2021 Alabama State Championship banjo title also belongs to this accomplished banjo aficionado.  Playing since the age of 11, Anthony has also won Ist place at the 2015 Mississippi State Bluegrass Championships for Flatpicking Guitar and Banjo and also won 2nd place with Mandolin. Additionally, he was voted 2017 and 2018 Magnolia State Bluegrass Association Banjo Player of the Year and nominated for the same award for 2019.  

Not only is Anthony a masterful multi-instrumentalist, he also spends his spare time doing leather work where he excels in making guitar, banjo, and mandolin straps.  His straps can be spotted on several professional touring musicians.  Howell also does audio engineering at his home studio where he does sessions, mixes, and masters his own music, as well as projects for other musicians and singers.  

With a strong right hand and creative melodic style, Anthony has a unique take on the banjo, which will readily embrace the musical stylings of the Edgar Loudermilk Band.   Anthony is endorsed by Deering Banjos, Weber Mandolins, Skinner Guitars, Reunion Blues Gig Bags, Banjolit Armrests, and Paige Capos.

Jake Goforth 

In 2024, the Edgar Loudermilk Band welcomed talented guitarist Jake Goforth to the band.   Jake is a 17 year old guitar powerhouse from Troy, North Carolina.  Jake is a soulful singer and is very proficient in Tony Rice style guitar and has a powerful right hand for rhythm.  Jake started playing music when was 7 years old.  He first heard Dan Tyminski sing “Carry Me Across the Mountain” and decided then he wanted to play music for a living.  Jake has been seen over the years playing on stage as a special guest of Rhonda Vincent, Dan Tyminski, The Gibson Brothers, Sideline, and many others.  Many people may even remember a viral video that featured an 11 year old Jake playing “Man of Constant Sorrow” with Dan Tyminski on stage.  Over the past few years, Jake has also been seen playing with Flinthill, Uwharrie Drive, and occasionally his own band, The Jake Goforth Band. J