2023 SPBGMA "Bass Fiddle Performer of the Year" Award 

2023 SPBGMA "Songwriter of the Year" Nominee

2023 Josie Music Awards "Bluegrass Male Vocalist of the Year" Nominee

2023 Josie Music Awards "Songwriter of the Year" Nominee

2023 Josie Music Awards "Bluegrass Band of the Year" Nominee

2023 Josie Music Awards "Song of the Year" Nominee ("I Hope She Sings")

2023 "Male Vocalist of the Year" Evan Dickerson Bluegrass Awards 

2016 BMAI "Male Vocalist of the Year" Award

2016 BMAI "Bass Player of the Year" Nominee

2016 BMAI "Album of the the Year"  Nominee  for "Georgia Maple"

2015 IBMA "Emerging Artist of the Year" Nominee

"Among contemporary lead bluegrass singers, Edgar Loudermilk has one of the most distinctive, recognizable, and enjoyable voices in the business. His crisp baritone lead is powerful, cutting, and expressively tuneful. As with Russell Johnson and Junior Sisk, similarly strident voices, you can always find him in the mix and always want to." --Bluegrass Unlimited

Edgar Loudermilk’s signature voice, bass skills, and songwriting have become his trademark, garnering industry awards and nominations.  Prior to stepping out with his own band in 2015, Edgar Loudermilk  experienced a long tenure of performing with Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, Rhonda Vincent, and Marty Raybon.   In addition to Loudermilk's bass playing and lead singing, band members include Zack Autry (mandolin/harmony & lead vocals), Jamey Pittman (guitar & harmony vocals), Anthony Howell (banjo & harmony vocals).  

The music styling of the Edgar Loudermilk Band encompasses bluegrass, gospel, country, and Americana genres.

The Edgar Loudermilk Band tours coast-to-coast and throughout Canada.  

The Banks of the River -- Releases on November 28th!



Co-writers Edgar Loudermilk and Zack Autry share their insight on “The Banks of the River.”   Edgar Loudermilk tells us, “This is a song I wrote with my bandmate and mandolin player, Zack Autry.  We wanted to write an upbeat gospel song that had the feel of an old-time fiddle/banjo number.  We had a lot of fun with this one!”   Zack Autry adds, “I really love the energy of this song!  Edgar is great at coming up with good song ideas in his mind, completely out of the blue, and this is one of those.  We worked on it going down the road and had it almost all the way arranged by the time it was put to paper.  The track is STOUT and it carries a good message.  I hope everyone is as excited about hearing it as we are about playing it.”  Having recently added this song to the band’s set list for live shows, the band has received rousing audience response, complete with hand clapping, toe tapping, audience-on-their-feet reactions!  Give it a listen, it’s the gospel good stuff. 

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The Dark Side of Lonesome

The Dark Side of Lonesome

Edgar Loudermilk Band

"The Dark Side of Lonesome" is now available on all of your favorite streaming services.   Edgar Loudermilk shares a bit of insight on his approach to writing the song.  “This is a song I wrote one night while traveling back home from a West Coast Tour.  I wanted to try and write a song similar to Blue Yodel, that Russell Moore sang often while we were touring with IIIrd Tyme Out.  I always loved how he sang that old classic, and the feel of it!  It’s sometimes hard to capture a groove like in a classic like that, but I felt good with this one, and the way it came together.  I actually wrote this one while driving home from Susanville, California, from behind the wheel while the rest of the band was sleeping.  It came together in my thoughts on those long roads, which is probably my favorite technique of writing a song, with no instrument involved.  Hope you enjoy this one, another song of ‘Lonesome Love Loss’ with a mean feel like an Old Yodel." Produced by Edgar Loudermilk the new single features Edgar Loudermilk (lead vocal, bass), Zack Autry (mandolin, harmony vocal), Curtis Bumgarner (banjo) and Clint Coker (guitar) with special guest musician Michael Cleveland (fiddle). 

"The Dark Side of Lonesome"

Released in 2020, the "The Dark Side of Lonesome" includes special guest fiddler, the Grammy-award winning Michael Cleveland.