Tour Pics & on the road

We cross the country in a van filled with musicians, instruments, and a dream to perform.  Along the way, our fans catch some of the special moments.  For additional pics, clips, and fun, follow us on Facebook at Edgar Loudermilk Band, featuring Jeff Autry 

MidWest Tour 2018

A swing through the Ohio and Michigan with stops at the McCance Cabin, Zellie's Opry House, and the Flat Rock Eagles.

McCance Cabin Concert, Wauseon, Ohio

Zellie's Opry House, Howard City, Michigan

West Coast Tour 2018

Just a few snapshots from our swing through California, Nevada, and Arizona! 

Bluegrass Canada Tour 2018

March, 2018...on the road with our Bluegrass Canada Tour, 2018, and Daniel Potter caught this song on video and shared it with us.  "In the House My Daddy Built, In the Home My Momma Made," penned by the writing team of Mark "Brink" Brinkman, Mike Morgan, & Jeff Elliott.  


Bluegrass Canada Tour 2018--pics from the road!